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Christian Summer Camp Director gets Engaged!

On Friday the 13th, I (Hope Chitwood, the Camp Director at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch) said yes to the second most important decision I will ever make in my life: “Will you marry me?” I have been dating Andrew for over a year and last Friday night he took me on a date that changed our lives forever.

The original plan was to eat a BBQ dinner, followed by a ride in an R44 Helicopter to tour Paragon and Rhema Christmas lights from the air, and the night ending by going two-stepping with friends.

Here is what actually happened:

Andrew called me at 3:20PM to tell me the helicopter tour was postponed until Monday due to dense fog. I didn’t know what the new plan was. I just drove home after work and he picked me up from my home in Tulsa about 5:00PM. Just like on our very first date, we headed to a BBQ restaurant in Tulsa. After eating the delicious meal, we drove downtown to check out the horse-drawn carriage rides at Winterfest. Apparently there was some lightning somewhere near the area, so the horses weren’t there. We walked around in the freezing rain and watched people ice skate instead. It actually was fun! We laughed a lot. J

Since we had some time to kill before meeting up with a few friends to go dancing, we drove to Rhema so we could see all the lights. The plan was to just drive through because it was still raining. But we got there and I was so excited about all the lights that Andrew parked the car and said “We’re getting out.” And we did. We walked around looking at all of the immaculately colored lights. Andrew decided my favorite color of Christmas light is, well, Christmas light. LOL! We walked under the lighted bridge that is tuned to play in accord with the music. Twice. (It’s my favorite of everything at Rhema.) On the second time through, we stopped and Andrew was pointing out different lights. He pointed behind me and said, “Look at that tree.” I turned around to look at the tree and when I faced Andrew again he was down on one knee, holding the most beautiful diamond ring, and asked, “Will you marry me?” with the biggest and most handsome smile you have ever seen.

I said YES and cried a little. I can’t believe I get to marry this man. I’m thankful the Lord brought us together and I am excited to live the rest of my life with Andrew by my side, and the Lord binding us together.

(No, we don’t have a date yet! However, I can tell you it will most definitely be AFTER summer camp 2014!!)

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