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the Furnace Discipleship Program 2014

The Furnace is s a 10 week discipleship training program at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch, which is a Christian Summer Camp and Retreat Center. The Furnace students staff the summer camp. The Furnace involves on the job training in servant leadership, as well as mentorship and bible training while preparing you for life after college.

The Furnace has a two-fold purpose—

1)      To equip Furnace students with life skills to set them apart from the world. While Furnace students are pouring out to the kids, we are pouring into them. Our goal is for each student to know how to effectively communicate in relationships and in business, be able to speak in front of a group of people, to know how to problem solve and make decisions, as well as a focus on personal development.

2)      To serve the Lord through serving and sharing His love with hundreds of kids. The Lord provides many ways to stretch our willingness to serve in all capacities. Serving takes many forms in the 10 weeks of summer camp. Throughout the summer, Furnace students will have the opportunity to rotate through several positions including, camp counselor for kids (ages 8-17), life guard (certified – we the staff through Red Cross), kitchen staff, and adventure staff (program and equipment setup and break down, including zip line, high ropes, and other various activities).

Research shows that many college graduates are missing several key components to give them a competitive edge in the marketplace. (See articles below.) Through the Furnace, we will prepare you!

Visit our website –

Be sure to check out the video. It showcases testimonies of Furnace students who have been out here anywhere from 3 to 7 years.

Claire Yinger, who has been in the Furnace for 7 years said this about the Furnace – “The Furnace has completely changed my life. It has taught me character, integrity, and what it truly looks like to live in community. Doing the Furnace is one of the BEST decisions I have ever made. I am FOREVER thankful for Shepherd’s Fold!”

I’d love to have coffee with you and answer any questions you might have. My number is 918.263.3622 and my email is

Blessings, Hope // Camp Director

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