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Looking to the Future!

      We have been busy this Fall booking retreats, spending time on our website, meeting new people and investing time developing our strategy to be good stewards of what the Lord has handed us. A large part of our focus has recently been on facility renovation and grounds evaluation. The vision of Shepherd’s Fold has always been to provide A PLACE where you can do business with God and having comfortable well kept accommodations is critical to that provision. While quite a few nice developments have taken place over the last year (The MAC, THV cabins and the road) other buildings are needing a facelift. We have been diligently researching, praying and planning for these renovations and believe they are a wise investment allowing us to continue being a great Christian kids summer camp a Christian retreat center. Our sights are set on bringing Shepherd’s Fold back to some of it’s “ranch” roots and keep the deisgn aesthetic consistent throughout the grounds. We are excited to announce the complete interior renovation of the Clubhouse including new carpet, wall and ceiling paint, new paneling and a couple of fun surprise additions! The Clubhouse renovations also include some updated bathroom/shower fixtures and some fresh aesthetics and these will be completed as time allows. For those of you have stayed in Ranch Camp recently will be excited know we are putting in new floors! We are still in the planning and decision making phase but should be started this Fall. Along with the new floors we are also updating the fixtures in the bathroom and touching up the ceilings. Last year Ranch Camp got the exterior logs resealed and brand new thermal Pella windows donated. It is time the interior reflects the exterior! The third project we are working on this Fall and Winter will be sure not to disappoint. We are repairing and painting the Dining Hall ceilings and some areas in the kitchen as well as updating a few cosmetic issues.

       To accomplish these projects we are hiring a professional painter/ handyman and carpet company as well as using the skilled Mr. Boggs. It is amazing how much money you can save when you “do it yourself” but there is wisdom in seeing the big picture and then counting the costs to hire others to help. In years past Shepherd’s Fold  has been victim to poorly managed work projects. This will not be the case this time. We are fully invested in making the best use of the resources afforded us. I can not wait to post pictures and progress reports. Please keep Shepherd’s Fold- the work we are doing and the work being done on us in your prayers. Also, if you are looking for a place to host your Fall or Winter Retreat, look no further. In the midst of all the renovations we will still be open and have some availability to host. As of late we have gotten lots of inquiries concerning church retreats, corporate retreats, team building activities, leadership retreat, and other forms of Christian retreats. Call us in the office if you need information. 918-263-3622  info{at}

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