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What kind of journey are you on?

Out here at the Ranch

I have the privilege of working under a good man of God who values personal and spiritual development. Recently we had a conversation where he invited me to start going to a meeting call The Journey every other Tuesday at The Church at Midtown. As of late- I have not been very disciplined in my relationship with God and would even cringe when people in the church would use discipline and relationship in the same sentence but I feel like I have learned something in this arena in the last few years. Relationships require discipline. Ask any married person. Err- ask any happily married person. To think that a relationship with another person will only develop through fun flowery times is foolish and it requires a certain discipline to learn- serve and respond to the other person. My wife and I have been married almost three years and one thing we have learned is how different we are. It is so funny to think back to the time when we were dating and engaged because at that stage it seems, ‘We are so alike!!” After a few years of arguments- breakdowns in communications, big decisions and just daily life together you begin to see how differently you process things. One way I have leaned to have discipline in our marriage is through the sanctioning of quality time. I am a doer by nature and can fill my personal connection needs by serving others and by doing things with them. I always thought Whitney would feel my love by me doing all the things that need to be done in the house or by doing other little chores for her without her asking. I felt great and thought I was loving my wife! I have learned Whit needs quality time. Time we have set apart to be together and for me not be thinking of all the things I need to or want to do but to BE with her. I remember when this hit me… OF COURSE I WANT TO BE WITH HER! Why is it so difficult for me to be in the moment and enjoy our time together? Why do I always look at her and think I need to fix something to make her happy? Internally I am in fear she is unhappy and will leave me. I think alot of men may feel this and we need to remember that is no way to live. The Lord has called us together and the Bible reminds us that whatever God has brought together- let no man take apart. The enemy would like nothing less than for men of God to get so consumed with fear they can think on nothing else and can not rest in the Peace of God. Satan- I rebuke you and your spirit and thoughts of fear!

Anyways- back to The Journey. I am very excited to have this as a part of my life and want to redevelop the habits and rhythms of walking with the Father. This group is not an accountability group or a Bible study or a Sunday School class. Its all of those and it’s none of those. With this time you what you put in. I am using this time as a standard of my investment and responsibility to rest in the Lord. We all need to be connected to the Father and we all need to be using our time to build that. I am not saying this is the way for me to get to God but I am excited about having the accountability of other men asking me if  i am journaling- reading and digging deep. What are you doing to ensure you are spending your time on the right Journey? Do you need to take a weekend and do some business with God? There is nothing like a personal escape to put things in perspective. Come retreat at the Ranch. We are the perfect place for you to get away, connect with the Lord and discover where He is calling you. We are located near Tulsa, Owasso, Bartlesville, and any other northeast Oklahoma town.

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