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Night Games at Summer Camps in Oklahoma

Here at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch we do a lot of awesome things – worship God, make new friends, play games, and so much more! In this post, I’m going to focus on the “play games”-specfically: NIGHT GAMES. (These are games played at night.)

Night games have become an expectation of campers here at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch. You can’t go to camp and NOT play night games. That’s absurd. Campers bring all sorts of special, dark clothing so that hopefully they can hide and win the game. Below are a couple of night games we will be introducing this weekend at the Winter Retreat. Enjoy!


Items needed: A flashlight that can be taken apart.

Rules: This has to be played somewhere very dark. The barn at night would be perfect. Hide the parts of the flashlight in different places around the barn. The campers are trying to locate the pieces of the flashlight and put it together. During this time, there is a gargoyle lurking about. If a camper gets tagged by the gargoyle, they are frozen and have to holler for someone to tag them to unfreeze them. If they are tagged by the gargoyle and have a piece of the flashlight, they just hold onto it. The point of the game is for the campers to find all of the pieces of the flashlight, put it together, and shine it on the gargoyle to turn him to stone. If the campers cannot put the flashlight together in a reasonable amount of time, then the gargoyle wins.

 Tooth Pick or Dare

Items needed: A lot of tooth picks, preferably two different colors. But if not, that’s okay.

Rules: At night, the campers will be split up into two teams. Each person will be given a tooth pick. If we have colored tooth picks, we can give each team a different color. Then they go out into the dark (usual night game boundaries). If a counselor shines their flashlight on the camper and says their first name (like Junebug) then the camper has to come to the counselor. The counselor will dare the camper to do something hard or embarrassing (but camp appropriate). If the camper fails to complete the dare, then he/she must break their tooth pick and go back to the Eagle’s Nest to get another one. If the camper does complete the dare, he/she gets to keep the tooth pick and continue to their designated drop off are. This goes on for an appointed amount of time. When time is up, the team with the most tooth picks in their drop off area wins.


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