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Regent Prep Fall Retreat

* Shepherd’s Fold Ranch a Top Retreat Place had the privilege of hosting some students from Regent Preparatory School in Tulsa.


Regent Preparatory has been exploding in growth the past few years and operates as one of the top schools in Tulsa. Many families from Regent send their children to our Summer Camps each year and we are honored to provide them retreat services. For this weekend retreat Regent was bringing their high school students to focus on the leadership and community within the students. They brought in a guest speaker for the content and put a large emphasis on praying for one another and having a lot of fun. The guest speaker they hired, happened to be the previous executive director of Shepherd’s Fold and powerful Leadership Developer Clay Staires.


This is not the exact schedule for Regent, but represents the primary flow of their stay. The entire retreat lasted only 24 hours. They did a lot with a little bit of time.

Arrival at 5pm

Dinner in the Dining Hall

First Session with Clay Staires in the Clubhouse

Get Active- Outdoor Games

Chill Time

Bed Time


Wake Up


Second Session with Clay Staires in the Clubhouse

Breakout Sessions

Programmed Games in the Ballfield


Third Session with Clay Staires in the Clubhouse

Free time- pond, slip n slide

Clean up/ Pack up

Final Session with Clay in the Clubhouse



Regent had some fun while they were here! They played lots of unique and exciting games, developed some cool team challenges and had one sweet Shaving  Cream War! ( We are still finding cans of the stuff around camp.) Along with the excitement of activities they planned, by bringing in an outside speaker the retreat planner alleviates themselves from having to prepare and plan the content of the sessions. Clay Staires is an expert in leadership development and “out of the box thinking”. He is highly praised on gigmasters and has years of experience in a camp setting. The students responded amazingly well to his sessions and afterwards leaders and students alike said it was on of the best things they have ever attended. Clay taught on a variety of issues from bad perceptions of others to personal responsibility in relationships and what it takes to walk in unity. The students responded incredibly well and were able to make some powerful declarations going into the school year. Oh yes, I forgot to mention this School Retreat was held in August the first weekend after classes resumed. The program was developed very well by the leadership team and executed as fluidly. Preparing ahead of time is a critical aspect to a successful Fall Retreat. One other fun component of the retreat’s program was the inclusion of the Night Swim time. Regent took full access of the Camp Pool by planning a fun Night Swim packed with games, music and dancing.

The SFR Effect

The SFR Effect reflects the event, service or aspect for the retreat that shows our commitment to provide the best care and attention we can as a Retreat Facility Near Tulsa. We always want to be willing to do whatever we can to make guests’s stays comfortable all the way from the planning process to the final departure. For Regent, I worked closely with the leaders in planning the schedule and ensuring everything was in order and prepared for their weekend. The pool was in repair the week prior to their event and we had multiple activities planned if, for some reason we would be unable to use the pool but everything worked out in the end! It is our pleasure to serve groups faithfully and we will always go above and beyond to make a stay pleasant.

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