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Contact Campers and the Director at Camp

One of the most Frequently Asked Questions of Summer Camps is “How can I connect with my camper while they are at camp?” so Shepherd’s Fold Ranch has implemented several connection points for parents and campers during their week apart. There are several options for parents to send sweet notes to their campers, and there are a multiple ways for campers to send awesome camp stories to their parents.

Snail Mail is always welcomed at SFR! Camp Staff love doing Mail Call (at dinner every day and breakfast on Saturdays), and campers love hearing their name being called and running to the front of the dining hall to retrieve their treasured words from home! In the past, campers could purchase envelopes and stamps from the Top Rail (camp store). Next summer campers will have the availability to purchase a pre-stamped Camp Postcard to write a note and send home to their parents!IMG_8407

In 2011, SFR added a camper email feature to our website at no additional cost to parents! It’s really simple – just go to the homepage of the Coolest Summer Camp Near Tulsa, and click the icon in the top, right-hand corner of the page that reads “Parents: Email Your Campers!” We print out the emails each day and hand them out during mail call. (Campers do not have access to computers, but they are able to send postcards and letters home.)

We love it when parents get to share in the awesome Camp Experience with their children! Every Wednesday evening, we invite parents and siblings of the campers here at camp to visit Shepherd’s Fold to say ‘hello’ to their camper, as well as worship the Lord and listen to a teaching with their camper!

If at any time parents need to get information to, or check-up on their camper, they can simply call the office Mon.-Fri. from 9AM-5PM at 918-263-3622. If office hours are over, the Camp Director’s (Hope Chitwood) number is 918-530-9225 and the Executive Director’s (Ron Griffin) number is 714-580-1848.

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