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Summer Camp Relationships

Shepherd’s Fold Ranch, the Coolest Summer Camp in the Tulsa, Oklahoma Area, has Seven Guiding Principles by which the organization is led. The next seven posts will each focus on one of the guiding principles – what it is and a few ways it is carried out at SFR. Today the focus is Relationship.

Shepherd’s Fold Ranch will be identified by the strength of Lifelong Relationships and Communities that we build. IMG_2792

The Lord is all about relationships – that’s why “Relationship” is one of the Guiding Principles of SFR. We love when campers come with friends and we love even more when campers go home with more friendships than they arrived with. In case you were wondering – Yes! Campers are more than welcome to bunk in the same cabin as their buddies! (Guys with guys and girls with girls)

One of my favorite things about God is that He is so relational. He desires to know our hearts inside and out, but more than that, He desires us to know His heart inside and out. That’s why we spend time each morning teaching the campers the importance of being still and listening for God’s Voice, and we spend each evening at camp in large-group Worship and listening to a message. 

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