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Fall Development Plans

*Shepherd’s Fold Ranch an Oklahoma Christian summer camp and retreat center located just north of Tulsa, Oklahoma and as long as written by Daniel Roberts, our retreat director and marketing manager.*








As a year round Christian summer camp and retreat center we’re always having groups come visit and stay with us.  Sometimes they stay for a day, sometimes they stay for two days, and sometimes they stay for an entire week.  When all the groups to come and stay in all the activities that go on there seems to be an endless list work projects and development issues that arise during the year.  Because of this, I’d like to write a little bit about some of the projects we have going on this year.  Possibly, you will read this last and see something you would like to help us with, or it will give you some ideas of things that we need to become a better property.

Big developments:

  By next summer we will have at least two new cabins that will double as retreat facilities and summer camp staff housing.  They use cabins will offer up to 10 beds per cabin with two bedrooms one living room and two bathroom.  They will also include a small kitchen.  For retreat groups this provides a great solution to issues older guests might have been staying in the bunk beds in Ranch camp and Treehouse Village cabins.  Gary Sparks architect and engineer is on our Board of Directors and has vast experience with facility development.  One of his claim to fame is Boone Pickens stadium in Stillwater Oklahoma.  Most likely, the cabins will be built back in the wooded area between the Treehouse Village and the pond.  Depending on how these are used and received we may build three additional ones next year.  This will bring the total bed count at Shepherds Fold Ranch up to almost 250.  We’re excited to see how these will progress and I can’t wait to rent them out.  Currently are top manufacturer is called kozy cabins.

Minor developments:

Mr. Dave Boggs, our maintenance man extraordinaire, has been busy at work this fall.  He has built a brand new deck on girls Ranch camp cabin.  He has renovated the interior of the eagles nest open air pavilion.  He’s single-handedly built a brand new deck around our zip line pole.  Mr. Boggs has plans to do many more things around camp.  Including, but not limited to, building a gaga ball ring, building a common area at ranch camp and being heavily involved with the new cabin development.  Other plans for improvement include, blazing some new hiking trails, cleaning up all around the area known as the dump, clearing the horse pasture, building new roads throughout the camp, and other exciting things.  We are always looking for people with trade skills as well as people with a heart to serve.  So if that is you please, come and serve at a place called home. 

Are you interested in trade out?

We do offer trade out for a summer camp tuition and retreat rental fees.  Depending on what your trade is and what we need will determine the value of, so contact us today.  Thank you so much for considering.

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