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Retreat Staff Structure

Oklahoma Summer Camp and Retreat Center, Shepherd’s Fold Ranch provides some insight into their staffing structure in the Retreat Season.

Claire and Dana are two of our fantastic Summer Leaders who occasionally work retreats.

Here at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch our most incredible asset as a business is our people. The staff here have always been the most amazing component to our success and we value them dearly. On this post I’d like to share a little about how we breakdown the structure of staffing during the retreat season and just a snippet of the company culture we attempt to cultivate with our staff. It is truly a blessing from the Lord to work with people who love Him and have hearts to serve. It is not small accomplishment to have a fully vested staff that love and serve one another.

Full Time Staff

Starting with our full time staff, we have our Executive Director Ron Griffin. Ron’s involvement with retreats varies from Retreat Season oversight to occasionally helping with team development and activity planning. He is a great resource for coming up with new and challenging activities to help bond teams. He is also a great meal planning resource because of his love for the kitchen! Next time you stay with us, make sure and ask Ron about his favorite meals to cook for groups.

Next on the team is Mr. David Boggs. He is our Facilities Manager and Mr. Fix It Extraordinaire.  Mr. Boggs has most likely fixed every single facility and part of Shepherd’s Fold in his career and we are very blessed to have him on the team. It is easy to see Mr. Boggs’s love for Shepherd’s Fold by his willingness to do whatever job needs to be done or problem that needs to be fixed. He has been connected to Shepherd’s Fold almost from it’s beginning in the 70’s and was even on the teams that built both the THV cabins and the Ranch camps. The servant heart Mr. Boggs has ministers to so many and we want to honor him whenever we can. Thank you Mr. Boggs!

Another part of the puzzle is Daniel Roberts (me) our Retreat Director. Daniel is the SFR staffer who will be with you through the entire Retreat Planning process. He is here to answer any questions, take care of the contract, tours and help you plan anything within the retreat. Daniel has spent time with SFR as the camp director and many summers on summer staff. If you have any questions about Shepherd’s Fold- he would overjoyed to help you find the answers!!!

It is important to recognize our Camp Director Hope Chitwood as well. Hope may not due much directly connected to retreats out here, but she is a major part of the brainstorming and planning that influence all parts of Shepherd’s Fold. Before Daniel was hired to take care of retreats, Hope spent a year wearing both hats for Summer Camp and Retreats. It is so great working with someone who has as much camp experience as Hope and we are thankful for her. Hope really specializes in administration and organizing. A lot of her planning for summer camp gets used in the Retreat Center side of the business.

Continue Reading Part Two of Retreat Staff Structure to learn about our Hosts and other Staff as well as a peek into the culture of community.

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