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Retreat Staffing Structure Pt. 2

Part Two, Oklahoma Summer Camp and Retreat Center, Shepherd’s Fold Ranch provides some insight into their staffing structure in the Retreat Season.


Along with AMazing staff, Shepherd’s Fold is surrounded by God’s beautiful nature.


In the first part of this two article series we introduced the full time staff here at SFR and talked about the vital role each of the takes in operating Shepherd’s Fold Ranch as a Great Retreat Location in Oklahoma. In the next part, lets talk about the other people that make these retreats happen.

Head Chef

We are incredibly blessed to have someone like Kathie Johnson out here to run the kitchen during retreats. Kathie owns and operates her own catering company called Just a Bite and has immense experience cooking amazing food.  The job running the kitchen is an interesting one fill because it requires someone who loves to cook, has the flexibility to just work weekends and can work with the sporadic scheduling. Kathie fit that bill and brings so much more. The Lord is always faithful and loves His children so well and bringing Kathie was definitely an expression of His love. In her words the job here at SFR is huge blessing to her as well. It is so cool that it works out that way and we are honored to work with Kathie. I encourage you to plan a retreat where you can eat some of her homemade goodness– you will not be disappointed.

Retreat Hosts

The Face of your stay when at a retreat at Shepherd’s Fold is the Retreat Host. The Host is the staff member who is there to assist in any capacity. Our hosts are only people very familiar with the inner working of Shepherd’s Fold Ranch and they are able to answer most questions. A Host is expected to be readily available throughout the retreat and can help with set up, break down, fetching items and fixing problems for those who ask. When you are here on a retreat the Host is accessible by either cell phone or radio. One of the most important qualities for Hosts at Shepherd’s Fold is the ability to problem solve. When we hire hosts, we try to pick those that have an aptitude to develop and that are interested in the growing responsibility. Next time you stay with us, ask your host a little of their story– they would love to share!

Retreat Staff

In the kitchen, at the pool, on the zipline- you will find the retreat staff all over the place during your stay at Shepherd’s Fold. The retreat staff out here is usually comprised of summer staffers who want  find ways to be out here throughout the year. It is a pretty good gig for college students: come out to the Fold for a weekend, work some- hang out a lot and make some cash. All the staff has experience in what ever capacity they are serving and we ask them to be prepared to work any job as necessary. Year after year, our reviews from previous retreaters rave on our employees. So please know we are all here to serve you!

Culture of Community

Having amazing staff does not just happen by chance. First and foremost there is a spiritual heritage established here by Don and Shirley walking in obedience and planting their family out here 42 years ago. The Lord has blessed Shepherd’s Fold to be “a place called home” and it is within this identity that the culture of community is birthed. Our heart to be a place in the country where people can do business with God  and that invades our staff culture. Each summer our summer staff make up The Furnace as a discipleship training school and learn how to live as a disciple of Jesus in the furnace of friendship and community. There is quite a bit more that goes into developing the culture out here, but if you are interested in learning more you should spend some time reading about The Furnace with the link above.

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