SFR Morning Encounter – What is it?

WHAT do we do?  At SFR, we provide a model for our campers on how to encounter the Lord through nature, scripture, art, silence, and prayer.

The focus of a morning encounter is for campers to take ownership of their relationship with Jesus. The leader is a facilitator rather than a teacher – he/she provides opportunity and structure for the camper to encounter the Lord.


  • Naturethis is Gods expression to us. How do we respond to his creation?
  • Artthis is our expression back to God. It starts with Him and the revelation of His character to the human heart.  Art is our response back to the revelation of God’s character.  If art is generated out of the human heart devoid of the revelation of God it will always go dark and perverse because it is not generated by purity but from depravity. “It’s art” is usually the excuse or the defense for depraved art. Be careful.
  • Scripturethis is Gods instruction to us. What is our response to his instruction?
  • Silence- our response to Gods instruction to be still and know that I am god. Discovery can happen in silence.  This is about giving God space in your mind and heart to reveal himself to us.
  • Prayerthis is our back and forth conversation with God. Friends talk with each other. He’s not just a Santa Claus that we bring our wish list to and he’s not just a super hero to whom we bring our list of things to change. He is a friend that we bring our self to.

If you have any questions regarding our morning encounters, feel free to call the office at 918-263-3622, or email the Camp Director at Hope@sfrcamps.com.