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SFR Morning Encounter – Why do we do it?

WHY do we do Morning Encounters? What is our purpose for the morning encounter?IMG_4428

  • Where we spend our time, talent, and treasure indicates what is important to us. Personal time with the Lord each day reveals our priorities in life. Also, by spending quality time with the Lord, we get to better know His character and His heart for us.
  • Many times we fail to do daily time with Jesus because we don’t know what to do.  Having a book or devotional is a wonderful idea to help give structure to this time. It also gives you a means to measure you progress and success.  Random bible reading and prayers can be difficult to maintain and they can be very difficult to measure growth. Read our earlier post “SFR Morning Encounter – What is it?” to see how we structure our morning encounters for the campers.

If you have any questions regarding our morning encounters, feel free to call the office at 918-263-3622, or email the Camp Director at

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