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OK. Testimony from Africa…..where to start?……….Deep in the heart of the African Jungle where lions fly and elephants are used for show jumping, there was a girl…..nah just kidding!

My name is Skye Arrowsmith, and I am currently an outdoor camps facilitator for Hillcrest Christian Academy in South Africa. AKA just an ordinary gal.

It had always been a dream of mine to be part of a summer camp as we don’t have them over here and I have always loved the outdoors. This dream and love led me to prayer and a visit with a family friend who suggested SFR. I got in contact with Clay Staires and after conversation we finalized the date of my arrival.

Clay had an awesome position for me as Western Camp Coordinator – as I have some experience with horses and teaching horse riding. In short it sounded like a complete blast and answer to prayer so I hopped on a plane and crossed the Atlantic.

What I loved about SFR was the freedom and support I had to minister to and guide the kids that came to camp. The openness and love that we all shared for each other and the ultimate… getting to know God on a deeper level…AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!! I love to teach Kids about God’s Awesomeness and redeeming love and letting them learn that through horses. (It’s real easy to relate horse issues with human ones so in the end the main lesson is understood)

I think it’s important for both kids and staff to experience getting to know God on a more intimate level and learn about living in community and not just thinking of one’s self all the time. Without the influence/pressure of parents or society to tell them how to go about it, they can experience it for themselves and that will stay with them forever.

In short it brought me to a deeper level of understanding of what God really means by ” I love you”. Being able to discuss topics of debate or thoughts that I had, with others at my own level and above, really gave me a clearer understanding of what being a Christian is all about.

Skye Arrowsmith
Outdoor Camps Facilitator
Hillcrest Christian Academy
Durbin, South Africa

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