Parent Testimony

I want to tell you what a blessing this has been that Ron had called me and blessed me with a scholarship for my child to attend camp this past summer. There is no way I would have been able to let him go until this happened. He talked so much about the camp and … Continued

Abigail C.

Abigail C Testimony   “I love Shepherd’s Fold and its culture; it has really become my home. This week I have grown as a leader and in my relationship with God. I hope to be on staff next year as a Furnace student.” Abigail C., 12th grade         *This camper testimony was … Continued

Zach H

Zach H Testimony   “I came to SFR this summer completely disconnected from church and from God. Through [Lauren] and Clay’s teaching, I’ve become on fire for the Lord and understand how to keep that fire burning.” –Zach H.         *This camper testimony was one of many posted by the Retreat Director … Continued

Lauren M

Lauren M Testimony “This week I was really focusing on my relationship with my dad. It hasn’t been very good and I was really worrying about it. Then at camp through everything, God made me realize that God is m heavenly father and I never have to worry again.” –Lauren M., 11th grade     … Continued

Emily K

Emily K – Camper Testimony “This week was AMAZING! I love The Fold so much! God taught me that even though my parents are running the race with me of life, they aren’t running the same journey I am and that they aren’t perfect and my relationship with the Lord isn’t determined by theirs with … Continued

SFR Parent

SFR Parent   “Thank you to all who are involved with Shepherds Fold Ranch, everyone from the cooks, to the counselors, to the administration, to the Stairs family, to the maintenance people. Our boys love Shepherds Fold Ranch. The camp has been a continued place of connecting with God, connecting with other outside of their … Continued

Martha G.

Hey! My name is Martha Glover. I first experienced SFR in 2000 as a Treehouse Village counselor. I remember feeling like I had entered Vietnam when we started staff training. I had never been quite so dirty in my entire life!! Yet, that summer, I learned how to plunge a mean toilet (chalk one up … Continued

Christina O.

Hi! My name is Christina Ortega and I am blessed to be the Camp Manager at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch. I love it here because I am able to serve others, especially by helping them find a place in the country to do business with God. With my position, I have the opportunity to be a … Continued

Fr. O’Brien

Bishop Kelley High School is a current and frequent user of the facility, and Fr. Brian O’Brien, President, Bishop Kelley High School, describes it this way: “We have used Shepherd’s Fold Ranch for the past 2 years for various kinds of retreats ranging from one to three days. Shepherd’s Fold Ranch is an excellent facility … Continued

Skye A.

OK. Testimony from Africa…..where to start?……….Deep in the heart of the African Jungle where lions fly and elephants are used for show jumping, there was a girl…..nah just kidding! My name is Skye Arrowsmith, and I am currently an outdoor camps facilitator for Hillcrest Christian Academy in South Africa. AKA just an ordinary gal. It … Continued