Ron Griffin – Executive Director – Shepherd’s Fold Ranch

Ron Griffin joins Shepherd’s Fold Ranch as Executive Director after more than three decades of involvement with the Ranch. He brings years of entrepreneurial and management experience to the position and will be responsible for the overall business and spiritual development of the camp.

Clay Staires – Chief Executive Officer – Shepherd’s Fold Ranch

I’m the Executive Director for Shepherd’s Fold Ranch and the youngest son of the founders; Don and Shirley Staires. I am also the President of the Board of Directors. My wife and I, along with our two daughters Maddy and Clare, moved to the Ranch in 2002 and have loved being a part of such a wonderful ministry. I also teach Science classes and Leadership classes at Bishop Kelley High School

Shirley Staires – Founders – Visionaries

Staires moved to the Ranch in 1972 and remained the Executive Directors for 25 years.  Dr. Staires is currently mentoring women in Tulsa.  She experienced a burden for children early in life and now that has transferred to mothers.  Counseling, life coaching, mentoring and encouraging are all a part of her daily life. She was … Continued

Kelly Gibson – Board Member

Kelly is the daughter of Don and Shirley Staires. She is married to Gip Gibson, President of Tulsa National Bank. She and Gip have two kids ages 19 and 13. She moved to the ranch with her family when she was 12. “I loved being with my dad and got to go to his office … Continued

Roger Gerstenberger – Board Member

Roger is the current Administrative Pastor of Substance Church in Minneapolis, MN and former CFO of Metro Christian Academy in Tulsa, OK.  He has a diverse operational and financial background in both business and ministry.  Roger has a pastoral heart and a desire to see leadership and passion instilled within the hearts of young people.  … Continued

Gary Sparks – Board Member

Gary knew Don and Shirley before they moved to the ranch.  He was Very surprised when they moved, “wow, that’s a huge leap”, he said.  “I wanted to be a part of it and support it as much as I could.  We gained a lot by being connected to the people that were involved.  We … Continued

Dan Sanders – Board Member

Sanders started going to SFR in the 70’s.  He loved being involved at every level – camper, cit, counselor, director, work crew boss, and now board member.  Every level has been a tremendous training ground.  Met his wife, Tami, at the ranch while on leadership.  “We have the same foundations built into us mainly because … Continued

Danny Kittinger – Board Member

Danny has been the CFO of Tinity Chem for 20 years.  He spent 4 years in ministry with Impact Productions in Tulsa.  He has a CPA background.  He and his wife, Carrie, have 2 kids, Luke (16) and Kellie (14).  Kittinger got invited to SFR through Dan Sanders.  He sent his kids and they loved … Continued

Matt Pinnell – Business Development

Pinnell is the Chairman of the Oklahoma State Republican Party. He is also the former campaign aid to U.S. Congressman Steve Largent, State Senator Scott Pruitt, and U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D.  He is a former camper and counselor  at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch.  Matt is a graduate of Oral Roberts University. He lives in Tulsa … Continued