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Goals of Summer Camp

Shepherd’s Fold Ranch is a Christian Summer Camp and Retreat Center in northeast Oklahoma. It is our mission to provide an environment for people to encounter the fullness of God. We do that through worship and bible-based curriculum, as well as teaching the campers how to have a personal quiet time and giving them daily opportunity to do so. We believe in the Holy Bible and the Trinity. (You can find our full philosophy on the home page of our website.)

The principles on which we guide SFR include:IMG_4014

  • Having Christ as the center of everything we do,
  • Equipping believers to walk in a confident relationship with God,
  • Ensuring that fun and adventure are a high priority in our games and activities,
  • Being identified by the strength of lifelong relationships and the communities we build,
  • Serving in a way that glorifies God,
  • Stewarding our business and finances with integrity and transparency, and
  • Maintaining a unity that reveals to people that God loves them and sent his son to die for them.

Each of our summer camps are designed to accomplish the following:

  • Creating healthy and positive outdoor experiences,
  • Providing space and time for spiritual growth,
  • Training campers to love God and love people as they develop, and
  • Protecting the emotional, physical, and spiritual safety of all our guests.

If you have any questions on the goals or beliefs of Shepherd’s Fold Ranch Summer Camp and Retreat Center, please call the office at 918-263-3622, or email

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