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OK Summer Camp – Getting Out of the Boat

At the 2014 Spring Retreat, the Summer Camp Director spoke on trust in the Lord, using Matthew 14:22-36 as the foundation.

1. Getting out of the boat involves risk & trust in someone or something.

  • It was 3am so it was DARK, there was a massive storm with THUNDER and LIGHTNING and HUGE WINDS, which means the small boat was tossing in the middle of the sea. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d get out of the boat at 3am. I DEFINITELY wouldn’t get out at 3am in the middle of a storm.
  • Peter didn’t know what would happen when he got out of the boat. Most of the time, we won’t get to know all of the details either.
  • Peter was the only disciple to get out of the boat. You may have to step out on your own too.
  • In verse 22 Jesus insists the disciples get into the boat and sail across the sea. Do you think He knew where He was sending them and what they would have to go through to get there? ABSOLUTELY! He knows what you’ll go through when you step out of the boat too.

2. When you get out of the boat, what or whom you put your trust in matters.

  • What if Peter would have trusted the water? He’d have drowned- the water couldn’t save him.
  • What if he would haveĀ trusted the other disciples? Who knows – they were scared out of their minds!
  • What if would have trusted himself? His arms would have given out quickly. He would sink.
  • Peter’s first response was to cry out to God for help (verse 31). When you’re in a storm, who do you cry out to FIRST?
  • JESUS is the ONLY one who can calm the storm and He is the ONLY one who can save you from it.

3. When you get out of the boat and go THROUGH the storm WITH the LORD, others will encounter Him.

  • The Lord was with the disciples through the storm.
  • Other people encountered Jesus and were healed because the disciples went THROUGH the storm WITH the Lord.

Are you going through a storm right now? In whom, or what are you placing your trust?

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