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Robber’s Cave. Lesson Learned.

A few weekends ago the Summer Leadership Team had a getaway retreat at Robber’s Cave and the Lord met with everyone one of us. I left refreshed and reminded how incredibly relaxing it is to take time and be still with the Lord. Sitting up on the top of the cave looking out over miles and miles of a breathtaking view, the Lord showed me a beautiful picture of trust between a father and his 4 year old son working together to descend the face of a 50-foot cliff with no equipment. With the picture came words that spoke to the core of my heart –> I can’t move INTO a place of complete trust with the Lord unless I move OUT of the place where I am keeping MYSELF safe.
Those words have shifted my mind and have set themselves deep in my soul. What is the Lord inviting you into? Have you asked Him? Have you taken time to simply be still in His presence? Are you trusting Him, or are you like me and need to step out of your own safety net?
Let’s go deep this summer. Starting now.

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