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Puppy Love

I have the sweetest dog anyone could ever ask for. He always greets me at the door with lots of kisses, no matter how long I’ve been gone. When it storms, he snuggles really close to me. He follows me everywhere—even to the barn where there are 10 animals that are a great deal larger than he is!

In 2011, while I was at camp, Tucker spent the summer with my grandparents. In the two and a half months I was at camp, I only saw him twice. But each time I would pull up in the driveway, he would start wagging his tail so fast that his entire back end was swinging back and forth. He would run as fast as he could to get to me. He’d jump until I picked him up and then he would give me countless kisses. When I put him on the ground he would run like a rocket back and forth between my grandparents and I because he was so excited to see me. The whole time I was at my grandparents’ house, he wouldn’t get more than three feet from me. I felt SO LOVED. And that is the best feeling in the entire world. And that made me want to be with Tucker all the time. (And now I am.J)

The crazy thing is—that’s how the Lord loves us. No matter how long we spend away from Him, He is always running to us, excited and overjoyed to meet with us, never leaving our side. His love is unconditional and unending.

With the busyness of family life and school and homework and football games and friends, don’t forget to spend time with the Lord. Let His abounding love surround you and soak it in.

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